About Me
About Me

I am pursuing B.E. I.T. at V.V.P. Engineering College (affiliated to Gujarat Technological University), Rajkot. I am currently enrolled in the final year of Engineering.

My Web Development journey started back in 2020, during the pandemic. I started exploring various domains to find what suits me the best.

Initially, I started off with learning Python and also did a couple of Coursera courses. After a month or so, I dived into competitve programming using Python, as everyone else was doing it.

Then I started looking for career opportunities in Python, and found out mostly about AI, ML, Pattern Recognition, Data Analytics, etc. I was sure to not have any interest in those domains.

That's when I knew I had to look out for something else, and luckily, I stummbled upon web dev!

In the initial days, I just used to binge watch YouTube videos, without implementing anything, and ofcourse I wasn't getting any output. Then I saw a post on LinkedIn, answering my query. That's when I realized that making projects and implementing your learning is the the most crucial part of web dev.

Fast forward to mid-2021, I have a mix of some good major and minor projects where I have implemented my learnings and I no more feel like a beginner.

I wish to enjoy this journey along with gaining and imparting knowledge, push my limits and see what life has in store for me!


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